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Nearly 2013 And Still It Bloody Rains!

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

The last time I covered a rugby match without rain and mud featuring prominently seems so much longer ago than early November, but as we edge towards the start of 2013 the skies above Cornwall are still slate grey as it hoses down relentlessly.

Hopefully the big game between the Cornish Pirates and Bristol tomorrow will get the go-ahead and we can start to focus on the business end of the RFU Championship season and the thing which strikes fear into the hearts of the vulnerable – the Play-Offs.

We still don`t know if we have a straight promotion and relegation between the Premiership and Level 2 at the end of the season because of the woeful and laughable fudging of the issue which both the RFU and Premier Rugby Ltd continue to indulge in. I`m bored of the whole thing now so I hope Newcastle Falcons don`t win the league and the whole mess is again ruthlessly exposed by top legal brains in the field of sport.

Falcons supremo Dean Richards seems happy now to chunter to any willing journo about how unfair and unjust he perceives the system to be, which is simply him getting his excuses in early, and clearly has little time for the league or the teams in it. To be honest I expected a bit more dignity from Deano.

If Newcastle fail to get promoted the blame lies within the Falcons camp and not the Championship promotion and relegation system. Likewise the same assertion can be levelled at Sale Sharks who look like another car crash in progress as they prop up the Premiership.

So as I peer out of my window watching the lines of water trickle down the pane in these closing hours of 2013 I hope for a few simple things in the coming year.

I would like Bedford Blues to win the Championship and stick a big fat middle digit up at everyone who derides club rugby outside of the top flight. I hope that Redruth and Launceston finally find a solution to their financial woes and become truly competitive in the National Leagues, and would love to see Cornwall get to Twickenham and be crowned County Champions.

Perhaps we can also have a wide open 6 Nations for once and it is also high time that the Lions returned triumphant from a summer tour.

I really want to see Aaron Penberthy, Chris Morgan and Jonny Bentley at the Pirates get over their bad injuries and get back to their best but most of all I wish for a year in which all of you, whether you be players, fans, or journos, achieve your dreams and continue to enjoy this great sport of ours.

And in the meantime I forsee wins in Round 13 of the RFU Championship for the Cornish Pirates, Newcastle Falcons, Rotherham Titans, Bedford Blues, Moseley and Leeds.

Happy New Year!


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