About Dick Straughan

I`m a freelance sports journalist working mainly for local and regional newspapers in the south west such as the Cornishman, West Briton, Cornish Guardian and Western Morning News as well as BBC Cornwall for whom I cover rugby, football, cricket and American football.

My real passion is when I get behind the mic as a commentator and I cover the Cornish Pirates in the RFU Championship for the BBC. Steve Tomlin is my regular sidekick on the road where he nicks my water and hides team sheets, with the irrepressible (and very amusing) Chris Brown hooking up for matches, and bags of jelly babies, at the Mennaye Field.

I co-wrote “Pirates! Pirates!” with Steve Tomlin a couple of years ago which, for those unfamiliar with Cornish rugby, charted the history of the Cornish Pirates from the beginning of the national leagues up to the present.

Having not earned enough to even buy a postcard of a Range Rover Sport from that venture I`m now working on trying to turn a dollar out of writing fiction.

I live in the far west of Cornwall with my wife, Jackie, and after ten years of living and working in the Duchy now get spoken to by the locals (only kidding!).

I also harbour a ridiculous notion that Coventry City FC will once again be a top football team in the real world and not just Championship Manager.

This blog is designed to give the reader a flavour of how the game is played and perceived in the far west of England. This isn`t hicks-ville, it is a rugby heartland and a part of the country just as passionate about the sport as anywhere else in the UK.

If you don`t believe me, then ask Phil Vickery – the former England and Lions prop that is, not Fern Britton`s old man.

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